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Champigny Photography...
Capturing the Strong, Sexy, Sensual
and Erotic Side Of YOU!

ensuality is celebrated all too rarely these days, to the detriment of all. The human body - healthy and strong - and a free spirit, when captured in professional photography, is a truly beautiful experience and one the world needs a lot more of these days.

The beauty of Glamour, Bikini and Lingerie Photography, the fun of Fetish and Fantasy Photography, the raw honesty of Artistic Nude Photography and the celebration of life portrayed by female and male fitness models in professional Fitness Photography should all achieve the same goals; the final images should leave the models feeling proud, sexy and confident, be pleasing to the eyes of all who view the photos, and reassure the photographers that once again they've managed to capture a very special moment in the models' lives, enshrining their beauty for all time.

Professional photographers Teri & Doug Champigny have had their photos published internationally in magazines, swimwear ads & catalogs, on charity posters, etc, and their published work includes photos of movie stars, celebrity personal trainers and, of course, male and female models. But even with almost 40 years of combined experience behind the camera lens and video cameras, this husband and wife team still strive to find improved poses, different attitudes and unique new ways to capture the talent they work with in their shoots.

And whether the talent that day is just trying to get started with modeling, an experienced and widely-published professional glamour model or simply an individual looking for sensual lingerie, nude and erotic photography as a gift for that special someone, Teri & Doug eschew standard production-line photography and take a much more personal approach. "Each model has a different personality, and these shoots are a big moment for them" says Teri. "We not only respect that, we celebrate it... Because the models know we care about them as individuals the shoots are very warm and personal, fun for both them and us, and that sensual and intimate environment allows us to capture that 'inner sparkle' along with their outer beauty."

The pair "strive to create a portfolio for models that's different from anything they have to date" according to Doug. "And it's easy to tell when a shoot is successful - the model develops a proud glow and we've gained a new friend and fan. For example, there's no greater feeling than a new model who is starts out nervous, relaxes as the day progresses, and leaves feeling sexy, proud and self-confident. To us, that's as important as the final photos themselves." It's not hard to see how much models appreciate their style, either - not only do most stay friends and drop in socially, but a number of their former models showed up for Teri's birthday party, driving as far as 150 miles to help her celebrate!

Rear View Of A Beautiful Bikini Model Wearing A Thong Bikini In The Water!

Experienced models find themselves inspired to new heights when shooting with Teri & Doug too, and not only because of the artistic support and intimate photography environment. Realizing that most model's portfolio - their 'book' - was limited to the few appropriate outfits the model owns, Champigny Photography has amassed a wide selection of lingerie, swimwear, costumes and props to ensure each model gets a wider variety of looks for her book. And each model gets a number of final shots, ready for her book, comp cards and use online. In fact, as experts in online techniques and strategies, Doug & Teri are also available to advise models on establishing an onine presence and promoting themselves online.

Models wanting nude, adult and/or erotic photography, as well as individuals wanting sensual budoir photography as gifts for their husbands or significant others also feel more comfortable shooting with Doug & Teri, as most find working with a couple to be less intimidating or inhibiting than working with a lone photographer. The lack of pressure to go beyond their comfort zone is a refreshing change for many experienced models, while the flexibility of working with an experienced pro photography team allows them to experiment beyond their normal boundaries in a safe and supportive environment, should they choose to do so.

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